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India Trademark Search

Flawless and reliable trademark search is inevitable for verification of claimed originality and uniqueness of the proposed trademark pertaining to any economic field, in the desired national or international trademark jurisdiction. For national level business, trademark search is necessary within the concerned country, and for doing international or worldwide business, trademark search is essential at international level. At international level, trademark search services are carried out through the data bases of globally recognized international trademark offices active under the TRIPS Agreement of the WTO, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and European Community Trademark. Ours one of the globally famous and popular law firms of India has been providing well-rounded and impeccable services for registration and protection of diverse categories of intellectual property of entities established in various sectors of economy in all across India and abroad. Well-informed, creditworthy, and proficient legal services for trademark registration, trademark search, and trademark protection are significant part of ours all legal services in India and other countries worldwide.

Free Trademark Search Services

For better service to our clients belonging to India and countries located in all around the whole world, ours well-resources and expert law firm also offers free trademark search services. Ours free trademark search services can be availed of in connection with trademark registration or just for originality verification. The requirement for the originality verification arises for selection and finalization of any unique trademark or for tackling trademark infringement cases. So far myriads of professionals, businessmen, companies, entrepreneurs, and entities in almost all economic fields have benefited ours free trademark search services for these purposes. Our trademark search at international levels goes censoriously through all trademark data bases kept secured by the concerned international trademark office working under any of the above-mentioned trademark treaties or conventions. The trademark databases come broadly under two major categories - databases containing all previously registered trademarks with the related office; and databases of all filed trademark applications awaiting registration with the concerned trademark office. Trademark pertaining to all fields of the commercial, professional, industrial or service sectors are sweepingly well-covered by ours well-seasoned and discerning trademark attorneys.