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Trademark Registration in Rajasthan

A well-known State of India, Rajasthan has been receiving our dedicated and economical legal services for a long period, including the services for trademark registrations. This largest State of India in respect of area, is now also famous worldwide for wildlife sanctuaries, religious and historical tourism, and diverse mineral-based industries, besides its a variety of agricultural produces, handicrafts, textiles, and entities in the tourism and hospitality sector. The paragraphs given below, give detailed information about ours services for trademark registration in rajasthan.

Trademarks and service marks created in all economic fields of Rajasthan are rendered fully secured and protected by us through the national and international registrations of those. These perfect and economical services are quite beneficial to the companies which are engaged in the sectors of agro-based industries, mineral-based industries, tourism and hospitality, information technology, textile industries, gems and jewelry industries, chemical industries, and manufacturing. Trademarks in other emerging fields are also well-served flawlessly by ours mature trademark attorneys. Services in all other legal areas are also provided by ours reputed law firm as per the demand of companies doing business in various economic fields and located everywhere in the State.

The trademarks and service marks created by companies located in Rajasthan are registered, regulated, and protected by the regional trademark office situated in Ahmedabad. These domestic registrations are carried out in accordance with the provisions and regulations given in the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. These registrations enable them to conduct businesses using the registered trademarks in whole Rajasthan and also in any part of the entire country of India. For extending their businesses to international jurisdictions they require to obtain registrations under the globally recognized international trademark conventions, such as the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Selection of any one or more of these conventions is made based on the business requirements and priorities of the applicant companies. All involved tasks and support are perfectly and punctually delivered by ours considerate attorneys during the national and international trademark registrations.