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Trademark Symbols

Symbols are the graphical representation that used to symbolize the products and services being offered by the varied companies at the domestic and international level. Using the symbol is not only worthy but also able the companies to build its loyal and credible market in the global world. Thus, here in this section; we defined the worthy information about the trademark symbols in respect of what are the processes to register the symbol as a trademark ? How to choose reliable and nurture business symbol ? and How to represent the trademark symbol along with the products and services ?

As per the trademark act 1956; the trademark symbolizes by ® that can be used on letter head, advertising pamphlets, company cards, visiting cards, on promotional banners, leaflets and on many other corporate related documents.

India Trademark Search

In India the trademark search is carrying its worth at the constant speed. In short period of time; trademark search ad lookups have got an immense popularity while exploring the originality and how much the mark is authentic as per stated trademark act. There are numbers of companies in India that assist their clients with India trademark search in respect of proposed business marks. Before applying for trademark registration; it is quite beneficial to have trademark search in India that gives you an idea whether to go for registration or not. There are several legal benefits of TM search including to know in advance whether the trademark is unique and perfect from legal point of view; secondly, it saves time and finance if in case the similar types of trademark is already being registered. Thirdly; it makes the complete assurance that the application for TM registration will get approve by the concern authority. Therefore, if you are looking to make your products, business marks and services register under the act then be sure to contact at