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About Us

The law firm of freetrademark provides its clients with comprehensive business legal services including legal documentation, filing an application, representation before courts and authorities in India, drafting contracts and other IPR services while protecting the rights and powers of the creator and artistic work.

We always work to maintain the standard of our services being offered in order to synchronize with technological world. We deeply under come with client business need in order to offer exact legal services in order to match with their corporate law expectations. We always care for the high professional standard of service, we maintain an individual approach to each client and we focus on their needs. Clients are always available, so that the services can be provided as soon as possible.

The aim of our firm is to provide clients with such services in order to meet their most demanding requirements and the conditions for best performance of their activities and to solve their problems. When providing legal services we strive to maintain an individual approach to each client and to address his legal matters. Emphasis is placed on the client well informed about the procedure and the feedback. For businesses, our law firm provides legal services to all business related to commercial companies of all sizes and individuals.

Our services begin at the foundation of society and the regulation of relations between partners, obtaining a trade license, solving relations with employees, business partners or governmental authorities. Schedules and evaluate contracts and other documents, we represent our clients before the courts and other authorities. Individuals like non-entrepreneurs providing services in all situations where they may need legal assistance. Here, we provide full fledged services in business law services and IPR segments including trademark, copyright, patent, company formation, new business formation, merger and acquisition, LLP, NGO, LLC registration in part of the India.