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Brand Registration

Brand registration; is it really useful? In this focus we will analyze the main characteristics of the brand business and the possible benefits of registration mark. The brand is any sign that posses the special features and characteristics that define the being represented graphically, particularly words, including designs, text, letters, numerals, phrase, the shape of goods or the packaging thereof, combinations or shades of colors, provided they are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings.

With the brand registration, the holder acquires the right to use it exclusively. The owner of the brand has the right to demand the complete justice against the third parties while using his consent for various business activities.

  • It is necessary and stated by the act that the brand of the company or business should be unique and identical from those of already registered.
  • A sign that is proposed to register should be nurture and particularize in nature in order to communicate with the target audience. As brand of the company also use to maintain the sales and reputation in the market.
  • a sign identical or similar to the brand registered for goods or services which are not similar even if the brand registered in the state enjoys a reputation and where the following of that brand without any due cause resulted in the advantage of the distinct character or is detrimental or can cause repute of the mark to that particular company.

Brand Registration Services in India

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