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Society Registration

Society registration is the segment of uplifting of weaker section of the country. This registration of society was being started under the British raj. There is an act of 1860 of society registration where seven or more members can form society in order to enhance the particular sections of the society. Here, in India as developing economy this approach of society registration has really played a vital role in making over with varied society needs. One can only register the society in respect of charitable, literacy and scientific purposes. The main aim behind the same is for enhancing education, advancement of religion, relief of poverty and advancement of weaker societies and for other uplifting purposes to the community as whole.

Since independence, this act of society registration 1860 has gained an immense popularity and universal acceptance for society uplifting purposes. Many of the reputed and authentic government bodies and private entrepreneurs have incorporated their societies in order to contribute with society advancement.

Society Registration Services in India

Here, freetrademark offers complete services in society registration in India where our legal executives and law professionals file an application for society registration as per the act of 1860. Under the same the memorandum of association is required for society registration in India where the details about the society in respect of objects and the names of the members, director's details, committee, the name of the society, occupation and addresses of the governors and details about governing bodies need to submit to the registrar of the society.

Here, we assist you with all the detail about the society registration services what are the legal documents and where to submit the same in order to apply for the certification of society registration in India.